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Ama Waterways Ship

AMa Waterways

When traveling with AmaWaterways, you don’t just pass through a destination—you experience it with all of your senses. Follow the routes of emperors and other legendary figures on creative and adventurous itineraries along timeless rivers, through inspiring countryside, historic capitals, fairytale towns and even out-of-the-way hotspots that locals favor. Carefully curated excursions showcase the rich diversity of each place you visit, and all are hosted by experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking local guides.

With an award-winning river fleet, critically acclaimed dining and a variety of included excursions, AmaWaterways offers you the opportunity to explore authentic culture and captivating landscapes in luxury and comfort. Their unique wine cruise itineraries are accompanied by a dedicated wine expert and blend wine-related experiences in both grand capitals and charming towns.

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways river cruises promise more than a good view, they deliver the suite view. The entire fleet in Europe and Southeast Asia are all suite ships, each featuring their Panorama Suites with the widest opening windows in river cruising, the industry’s only Open-Air Balcony, and an inviting bed facing the ever-changing scenery. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, the panoramic windows blur the line between outside and in, presenting the greatest window of opportunity in river cruising.

Beyond the widest views on the water is an open invitation to experience your destination in more ways, in exceptional ways, in your way.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Suite


Aqua Expeditions

Launched in 2007, Aqua Expeditions is a boutique luxury river and yacht cruise line with ships offering a unique brand of expedition cruising in the world’s most ecologically and culturally significant locales: the Peruvian Amazon, the Mekong river in Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as the seas of East Indonesia.

Every Aqua Expeditions journey encompasses tailored activities with expert-guided small-group excursions, exceptional service with a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, a focus on sustainability and conservation, contemporary ship design as well as a world-class cuisine experience created by renowned chefs.


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Ready for something truly unique?

As river cruising’s smaller and more intimate cousin, these barges have 4 to 12 cabins and provide a uniquely immersive experience through some of Europe’s most culturally rich regions.



Mekong River

Asia and The Mekong

The rich heritage and traditions of the region are enriched with 2,000 years of human history and what makes the Mekong river cruise one of Asia’s most epic and worthwhile journeys.

As the longest river in Southeast Asia and the 12th longest in the world, the Mekong stretches from the icy Tibetan Plateau down to the southeast, meandering through Laos and Thailand, the equatorial flood plains of Cambodia and Vietnam, and then finally flowing into the South China Sea. A traveler cruising the Mekong is in close pursuit of a glorious past, retracing significant human accomplishments and cultural highs. From the flourishing of the Khmer empire from the 9th to 15th century to the prominence of Theravada Buddhism in present-day Cambodia and Vietnam.



You’ll see more of Europe from its rivers. The constantly changing scenery includes children laughing in small villages, vineyards stretching across the mountains, and stately castles shrouded in the early morning mist. Discover the rivers that played a vital role in shaping Europe’s rich cultural identity, including the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Main and Volga.

On a river cruise, you’ll dock right in the heart of each city, giving you more time to sit in the cafes, stroll through the museums and peruse the shops.

Amazon Rain forest

The Amazon

The Amazon is home to the most diverse collection of plant and animal life on earth. More than one-third of all recorded animal species in the world call the Amazon home, including 20% of all bird species. At least 40,000 plant species, 427 mammals, 1,300 birds, 378 reptiles, more than 400 amphibians and around 3,000 freshwater fishes are known to exist here.

An Amazon river cruise is one of the most rewarding nature expedition in the world. Journeying into Earth’s largest rain forest, you’re ushered into a different world covering nearly 40% of South America and crossing nine countries. A voyage into this jungle is only possible by boat on the mythical Amazon River. This epic waterway originates from the foothills of the Andes mountains in Peru and flows east on it’s 4,000 mile course towards the Atlantic Ocean.


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