Hawaii and the Caribbean Rank as Top Destinations Consumers Are Most Interested in Traveling to in 2019, Reveal Beyond and Back’s Travel Experts

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Hawaii and the Caribbean Rank as Top Destinations Consumers Are Most Interested in Traveling to in 2019, Reveal Beyond and Back’s Travel Experts

The majority of consumers plan to take two or more out of town vacations next year, according to data from a recent national Travel Leaders Group survey

Melbourne Beach, FL (February 2nd, 2019) — Today, travel experts from Melbourne Beach’s Beyond and Back Travel, released data on the top domestic and international destinations that consumers indicated they want to experience in 2019. Hawaii, Alaska and California are the most popular domestic trips, while the Caribbean, Western Europe and Mexico are among the most popular international destinations for North Americans, according to a survey of more than 3,500 consumers.


“The overwhelming majority of survey respondents - 76 percent, said they are planning at least two or more leisure trips in 2019 and many of them want to travel domestically to states best known for outdoor recreation,” said Daniel Olsen, Chief  Operating Officer of Beyond and Back Travel. “Whether it is the lure of national parks or adventure parks, or simply a sense of adventure most vacationers want to simply get away from home, as nearly 90 percent said they expect to take some type of trip in 2019.”


Here are the top-ranking destinations based on consumer responses to the Travel Leaders Group survey:


Top 5 Domestic Destinations

1. Hawaii

2. Alaska

3. California

4. Florida

5. Louisiana


Top 5 International Destinations

1. The Caribbean

2. Western Europe

3. Mexico                                             

4. Canada

5. Eastern Europe


In the international category, the Caribbean is a perennial favorite and is popular due to the all-inclusive resorts, as well as the cruise scene,” added Olsen. “Travelers have also taken an interest in strongly supporting the Caribbean economy. In fact, data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization shows that there has been year-over-year increased demand for 15 Caribbean destinations.”


Western Europe is also popular among solo travelers, who ranked it first, ahead of the Caribbean, according to the Travel Leaders Group survey. “We are seeing steady interest from our Melbourne Beach and Indialantic area clients in active and adventure travel, culinary and wine tours and this adds to the interest for solo travelers,” Olsen added.


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