It’s not hard to be seduced by France’s beauty—its medieval villages and rolling vineyards; its bustling cities and mouthwatering gastronomy; its lavender-hued countryside and captivating culture.

France is a mix of charming paradoxes: a place that’s as striking as it is historical, as quaint as it is monumental. From Paris to Lyons to Nice and Marseille, one visit and you’ll see why so many fall for France.

France Things to Do

Uncover the city of lights and love, Paris, with a self-guided walking tour. Weave through the arrondissements (neighborhoods), stop by one of the many bistros, witness the iconic monument honoring France's fallen heros, the Arc de Triomphe, gasp at the staggering beauty and height of the Eiffel Tower; climb the stairs of the Notre Dame for the city's best view; or view the famed Mona Lisa in the breathtaking Louvre.

Sample the world’s premier bubbles in the Champagne region. Tour the underground caves to see how the precious product is prepared. Afterwards, visit the charming towns of Rheims and Epernay for a fizzy glass of the area’s best wine.

Get outside in France’s lyrical landscapes with a cable car ride revealing glacial panoramas in Chamoix, sled down Europe’s highest sand dune (the Dune of Pilat) in La Tese-de-Buch or cyle through the lavender fields of Provence for a view as beautiful as the aromatics.

Whet your appetite with a delicious food tour of the country. Approach with reckless abandon and eat as many warm, chocolate croissants, croquet monsieurs, crepes, rich cheeses, charcuterie and crispy duck as your stomach can muster.

Hit the slopes in the wintertime in Val-d’Isère or take the road up to France’s highest mountain pass, Col de I’Iseran. Whether you’re a diehard powder fanatic or newbie, there’s plenty of trails to shred in and around this beautiful area.

Experience life as an aristocrat in the breathtaking castles that are speckled along the Loire Valley. Visit Château de Villandry, with gardens as nearly as famous as the house, or the imposing Château de Chenonceau, which sits above a private moat and was once home to the queen.

Escape to the coast with a visit to Nice, home to the famous Cannes Film Festival, which takes place each May. Or sink your toes into the soft sands of Saint-Tropez. For a beach visit with deeper historical significant, visit Normandy, where the weight of the war-torn can be felt with each step.

Eiffel Tower Looking Down