On Business: Treat Yourself at One of Our Favorite Solo Dining Spots

Whether your pounding the pavement looking for new investors, tending to your existing clients, or searching for new ones, build in some time to treat yourself to a nice dinner for one. Whenever I’m traveling for more then a night or two, I always leave a night free from client dinners or drinks with colleagues to have a great meal for me. Use the time to type up your meeting notes, get some follow up emails out, of just get lost in your Instagram feed (if you need some inspiration, here’s a good place to start). However you spend the time, though, make sure the food’s great.

Here’s some of our top picks for a solo dinner while you’re on the road:

San Francisco

Akiko’s Restaurant: 431 Bush St, (415) 397-3218

If you’re staying near the Financial District, you’re probably just a short walk away from this modern sushi bar tucked away on Bush St between Kearny St and Grant Ave. You’ll want a spot at the sushi bar which will probably require a reservation, so make sure to give them a call a day or two ahead. Omakase is the only way to go here. Their chefs are well steeped in tradition, but they also know how to push the boundaries in just the right places to deliver a unique and interesting meal. Better still if you engage with your chef, they all have stories to tell and love to share some insights behind their creations if you’re willing to listen. You’ll end up with a better experience and probably a couple extra special treats, a sample of a new idea they’re working on, wagyu with some caviar on top, or maybe just an extra piece of otoro.

And if you enjoy your meal, don’t forget to tip your chef by buying him a beer (or better yet, a six pack to share). If you strike up a conversation with the sommelier you’re sure to be treated to some unique finds from their well curated sake list as well.

Note that there are two restaurants named Akiko fairly close to each other. You’re going for Akiko’s Restaurant on Bush St, not Akiko’s Sushi Bar (although both are great).

Grand Cayman

Morgan's Seafood Restaurant: Just tell your cab driver you’re going to Morgan’s, +1 345-946-7049

After a long day of tending to your offshore bank accounts, head to Morgan’s for some of the best seafood on the island. Make sure to enjoy the waterfront views of Governor’s Creek with a cocktail before you sit for dinner. It doesn’t get any better then their tuna sashimi with sesame oil and scallions. It’s not on the menu, but as long as their fishermen had a good day it will be on their specials list.


Wright Brothers Borough Market: 11 Stoney St, +44 20 7403 9554

Head over to Borough Market and treat yourself a seafood platter at Wright Brothers. Oysters, whelks, clams, cockles… they’re all on offer. It’s just a quick walk from the London Bridge tube stop and it’s well worth the trip. After you’ve indulged yourself on a bounty of amazing shellfish, make sure to hang around for a pint and make a new friend or two standing around one of the beer-barrel tables on the street out front.

Hong Kong

Yardbird: 154-158 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan, +852 2547 9273

Make your way to this izakaya-style restaurant, the favorite spot of some of the best chefs in the world while in Hong Kong. And it’s not just the food that’s great, they have an inspired cocktail program as well. Their yakatoir menu is extensive, so make sure to stray off the beaten path a bit and explore like any great chef would, the chicken livers, hearts, and skin are all great places to start. Everything is expertly handled and unsurprisingly delicious. It can be a bit of a challenge to snag one of their coveted bar seats, so best to show up on the early side to make sure you get a good spot. If you’re staying in or around IFC (hopefully at the Four Seasons), getting to Yardbird will be a decent walk, so it’s probably best to plan on jumping in a cab to get there.

Have a favorite place of your own that we missed? Let us know about it! We can’t make it to every city personally (although we’ve been to a lot of them) and we love having insider tips to share!