Experience Star Wars at Disney Theme Parks

If you love the Star Wars movies, you’ve got a new way to indulge in your fandom.

After years of planning and anticipation, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in May at Disneyland Park in California and will open at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando on Aug. 29. The main offerings will be nearly identical in both locations.

Disney has created a detailed and immersive world for its Star Wars attraction, complete with an intricate story set on a long-forgotten planet.

Galaxy’s Edge takes visitors to the planet Batuu, located on the frontier of Wild Space. Batuu’s largest village is the Black Spire Outpost, a beautiful landscape dominated by the petrified remains of towering ancient trees, and built over remains of a long-extinct civilization. The outpost has become a thriving destination for smugglers, traders, adventurers and scoundrels. You’ll learn that recently, there have been reported sightings of individuals associated with the Resistance. Their presence has drawn the attention of the First Order, which is eager to stomp out any remaining opposition to its absolute control.

To enhance your Galaxy’s Edge adventure, you should download the Play Disney Parks mobile app. Soon after you arrive at the park, the gaming app will be transformed into a Star Wars Datapad, helping you translate galactic languages, hack into droids and scan objects for precious cargo, guiding you deeper and deeper into this unique world.

A highlight of the 14-acre attraction is a chance to take a ride on the Millennium Falcon, “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” that was commanded by Han Solo and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca, in the movies. The ship seats six at a time, with each passenger assigned a role — there are two pilots, two gunners and two engineers. You’ll hear the engines rumble as you blast off into space with your crewmates on a daring, interactive smuggling mission.

A second anchor attraction will open at both parks later this year, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. You’ll join up with the Resistance on a secret mission, and take part in a climactic battle against the First Order.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of opportunities at Galaxy’s Edge for shopping, dining and entertainment — all inspired by the Star Wars universe.


 At Savi’s Workshop, you can create your own lightsaber and at the Droid Depot, you can assemble your own droid. When you’re ready to eat, the choices include Oga’s Cantina or Docking Bay 7, inside a working hangar bay. At the Milk Stand, you’ll be able to sip on the blue or green milk that Luke Skywalker drinks in the Star Wars movies. You can shop for Jedi artifacts at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and outfit yourself for a galactic adventure at the Black Spire Outpost. As you wander through the bustling street market, you’ll meet travelers from across the galaxy.